What inspires you?

I am inspired by a multitude of things; music, art, literature, poetry, words, people, feelings, nature, a smile, a laughter, a look over his shoulder as he mistakenly leaves her standing bewildered in the sunset at the waterfront…

Today as I sat writing underneath my skylight I felt the wildest urge to listen to kent again. It’s been awhile I have to admit. I began listening to their music in 1999 and my admiration and respect has only grown throughout those 17 years.

I love the various layers in their music, how I can always discover something new and depending on my mood can find something to soothe my mind. I love the lyrics – how they reach out to the listener, trying to make us see and/or understand. How they, at the same time they seem to tell us how the world appears in the eye of the storyteller also seem to urge us to think for ourselves. As someone who has a profound love for language and words; the lyrics of Joakim Berg have always fascinated me – not in the “I-need-to-analyse-these-lyrics-to-better-understand-the-man-behind” kind of way, but as someone who is fascinated by the way he finds just the right words that seemingly embraces or even touches the feelings of their fans. An ability I wish I would be so lucky as to develop over time.

I have been writing since I was 13 years old and always felt this urge, this need to write, but for many years I never really acted upon it – besides writing adolescent “poetry”. But on the 23 of February 2008 I went to a kent concert and that particular one changed my life.  Even as I danced furthest back and right up under the roof of the venue I felt something shift, like an almost palpable presence and I’ve never been the same. I am quite aware that this sounds just a little bit crazy, and you’re probably thinking “Whoa! She’s totally off her rocker on that one!”…and that’s okay. You may think whatever you feel like, it makes no difference to me. 😉

I set out on a journey that night that I am still on, mostly taking baby steps, but once in awhile jumping over, what seemed like insurmountable obstacles from a distance but once close were nothing more but ant hills. I set out on a journey to become a positive and grateful human being, to spread love and light, and to carve out a life that I was happy with, creating my own path through my life; to live and not just exist. I aim to fill my life with happy moments, experiences and interesting, kind and nice people. I want to write to make people happy. I want to teach my daughter that dreams are there to be chased, we can not make mistake; only have lessons, life is an education and love is limitless. Time is of no consequence; I will get wherever I am going at the right time.

For the gift that this journey has been and still is I want to thank kent. Their music has been and still is an inspiration that I am eternally grateful for. Thank you.

I wish you all a day of presence and kindness.

Om du var här, kent. The first song I heard by kent.

Den sista sången, kent. – and their last song.

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