Breast Cancer…

Hi again. Long time no see – sorry!

I have signed up for “My Peak Challenge 2018” – which is quite out of character for me, but it was time to once again step out of my comfort zone and do something new, to once again fill my life with positivity and health.

In order to understand why I signed up for My Peak Challenge 2018, you’re going to need a quick summarisation of my life the last 8-ish years:

  • My mother was diagnosed with ALS in 2010.
  • In ’13 I made the decision to split from my partner, whom I had been with for 23 yrs, since school – I moved our daughter and myself into a flat which turned out to be mould infested with cigarette smoke and a lot of noise seeping in from the neighbours.
  • In ’14 I was referred to a psychologist because of stress, not just from work, but also from our accommodations, from taking care of my mother (and father), from trying to do my best in every single area of my life (ring any bells, sisters?!?).
  • In the spring of 16’ with the help of my parents I bought a small cooperative terraced house and dealing with the bank had me waking up shaking from stress in the mornings.
  • My 9 yrs old daughter contracted mono in June ’16.
  • On the 9th of Sep. ‘16 – my birthday, I woke up and was almost unable to move and when I did I felt like I was 100 years old, moving in slow motion under water at the bottom of a swimming pool… on the fifth day (‘cause I had work and life, etc…) I finally went to the doctor, they couldn’t find anything but an infection “somewhere”…And slowly I got a tiny bit better.
  • Just enough to travel on my own to Stockholm in October ’16, a week of “me-time” and more importantly to kickstart my writing again.
  • A week after returning home from Stockholm my mother was hospitalised and a week later she died having fought ALS for over seven years.

My father had a hard time coping with her death, so I did all the arrangements concerning the funeral, filled out papers etc, arranged for a wake and sleeping arrangements for my German relatives. I took two days off from work… the day after she died and the day after the funeral…

And it was straight back to work after the Christmas Holidays; I had a Galla to arrange on the 12th of January for all the 6th up to 9th graders at the school where I work… All on my own, because no one had time to help me out, except for: “Well, we usually do like this.” or “Don’t do that, that’s not how we do it!”…

Monday the 16th of January I called in sick, there wasn’t a muscle or a joint that did not hurt and I was so, so, so tired. On the third day I called my doctor and he immediately put me on sick leave.

I had nothing left to give, not even to myself. I was beyond exhausted.

On the 5th of March I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

But as the weather got warmer and the sun crept higher in the sky I felt better, my muscles stopped hurting, the pain was reduced to a “mere” aching and I felt so good that my daughter and I went on a roadtrip Denmark to Tuscany…  It was amazing, it made me feel like “me” again and I wrote a lot every morning and night, when she slept. We drove down through Germany where we met up with my ex-in laws and together we drove further south through Switzerland  and into Italy. My ex-in laws had rented a house in Tuscany where we met up with my ex, his new girl friend, his older brother + family … and now some of you might be thinking: “The EX?!?!”  Yes, we are still very good friends! Anyway, M (daughter) and I stayed for 4 days before we left and drove, on our own, back through Italy, Austria and Germany… to Denmark. Best vacation so far! 🙂

After the summer holidays little by little I began to work again, but having not learned my lesson I was still unable to say “no” when my Headteacher “asked” me to step up the pace and add more classes.

During August I got this feeling that something was “off” in my body. I suddenly began to sleep for 7-8 hours (with Fibromyalgia 4-5 hours is usually my norm ‘cause of the aches from not moving) and I lost 2-3 kilos. This may not sound like a lot, but I weigh in at about 61kg +/- 1kg depending on the season and I’m 172 cm high. So when I suddenly weighed 58kg, I just knew something was wrong…

And for some reason that I cannot explain, I decided to check my breasts and discovered a lump in my left breast… F***, f***, f*** !! That was the 15th of September.

I can’t remember anything from that weekend except that when I picked up M at the ex that Sunday I had, in my, mind already said goodbye to both breasts and written a will.

Come Monday I went to see my doctor, she immediately called the hospital that handles the breasts (pun intended) and I received an e-mail the following day with an appointment for Thursday the 21st.

They did mammographies and ultra sound scans …and when the doctor kept moving the scanner back and forth for what felt forever I knew that something was wrong.

He told me I had three cysts which was what I had felt, but behind one of them he saw a “shadow. He then took three biospies.

They found a cancerous lump in my breast. It was small 6x8mm and it was the mildest form of breast cancer.

The operation was on the 10th of October. They removed the lump (but not my breast!) and two lymph nodes, luckily there was no spreading of the cancer! I received 20x radiation therapy as a insurance which I just finished on the 3rd of January.

They also gave me anti-oestrogen hormones thinking that I was already menopausal, which as it turned out I am not… seeing as how I had my period 8 days later. The side effects from the hormones were so horrendous, that I’ve stopped taking them.

oh, and as a Christmas bonus I got an enlarged thyroid gland… It’s not big enough to be visible, but I do apparently have a high metabolism and low blood sugar, but this has yet to be exactly diagnosed.

So here we are… I thought I had made it perfectly clear to my body that we do not get ill! Apparently some parts of my have not received that memo…

Two years ago I was fit. I did Tabata for 45 minutes every day. Pushing myself a little bit every time. I loved it… 20 sec reps x 4 (or x6 or x8). At the end I was doing 90-110 push-ups…  And yes, I loved feeling fit.

But then life got too overwhelming and as I fought to stay true to myself and the journey I was on to carve out a life which would, in time, feel satisfactory and make vacations redundant, I was slowly drowning in “life” and especially the fibromyalgia turned me into a physical inactive person.

There’s a fine line between moving enough to avoid the fib-ache but not moving too much which would set my muscles on fire… it’s like when you’ve overdone your work out and you feel the lactic acid build up in your muscles but only 20 times worse than that.

“Luckily” my fib evolves more around exhaustion and aches in my muscles and joints, more than an actual burning pain. And in my case the fib is connected to my stress, the more stressed I am, the more my body aches.

But I refuse to give up and give in! I am a grinder and I acknowledge that “grinding” is what got me into trouble in the first place but it’s how I work, so now I will use it to get “out” of trouble again…

My long term goals:

  • To regain my health.
  • To try and get published – I write. I have a whole book tucked away on my laptop and began on another one (a whole series) in may ’17, but I have yet to actually get out there and see if it’s any good.
  • To use my ability to teach in connection with my fibromyalgia – or just health in general terms. That would be nice. I am a good teacher and I did teach biology (health class) for 8 years. I will be looking into my options for courses or possibly an education á la ‘psychomotor therapist’. I’m thinking “health Coach” combined with some form of exercise. 
  • To live a life that I don’t need a vacation from, to be content, happy and give and lots of love to people around me.


My short term goals:

  • To be able to control my response to/in stressful circumstances (when people decide over my time or what I am supposed to do… )
  • I want to learn to be more patient and forgiving with myself, learn to say “no” and not feel guilty about it.
  • Spend time with people I like/love and have time to indulge in things I find interesting.
  • To travel with my daughter, show her but a fraction of all the beauty the world holds.
  • To make people see the beauty in the world, to spread positivity and love.
  • To learn new things and challenge myself to step out of my comfort zones. …For example try to drive a car in a country where they drive on the left-hand side.
  • Contact my union and other relevant institutions, and look into what kind of options I have, if any, to combine returning part time to work whilst following courses that will allow me to educate myself into the world of coaching, diet and exercise. …this feels right. 🙂


I urge you, sisters, to check your breasts at least once a month!! And listen to your intuition, there is no shame in saying “no” and not feel guilty about it! If you do not take care of yourself first you won’t have anything left to give to others.

And remember when things seem bleak and your can’t imagine it will ever get better…      “This too shall pass”.


Spread a little love out there. ❤

Changing your life …and a bit about stress and fibromyalgia.

So fibromyalgia… is a bitch. Pardon my French.

I was stressed. I had been stressed for a lot longer than I was probably aware of. It wasn’t until 3 years ago I was at the doctor and he asked me how I was coping with my mother being terminally ill that the dam broke and I sniffled my way through “It is so hard, so unbelievably hard to watch her wither away!” (I don’t cry in front of other people… strong woman, right?! Yeah, too damn strong!)  He gave a referral to a stress-psychologist – the pressure of being divorced (my choice!), moving, getting a job, working as a teacher with all that entails that isn’t actually teaching, being a single parent – and both my father and I trying to take care of my terminally ill mother, got the better of me.

But it wasn’t until I couldn’t move from the aching pain in my muscles and I utterly and totally exhausted, no, it wasn’t until I slammed into that wall at 100 mph that I began truly listening to what my body had been trying to tell me… I needed to slow down and re-evaluate my life.

So I sat there in March diagnosed with stress and fibromyalgia and complained to my psychologist that I didn’t feel like I had hit rock bottom yet… she looked at me and asked; “Well, do you need to hit rock bottom? And who’s to say you’re not there yet?”

Looking back now I know I was at my rock bottom, I couldn’t get any lower. I am by nature a grinder – which of course is what got me into trouble in the first place: I don’t really throw in the towel, I never said “no”, I did what I felt I had to do in order to keep everybody around me happy – including my management/colleagues. My rock bottom is not one where I crawl into a corner weeping and give up, my rock bottom is a place where I cry for 10 minutes at night in the bathroom, dry my eyes, take a deep breath and get up in the morning to grind through another day… desperately trying to ignore my emotions and my body screaming for my attention.

So to all you “grinders” and HSPs out there… please, please, please stop and listen to your emotions and your body!

As I have written earlier I set out seven years ago to change myself, to be a happier, better version of me, someone who never talks bad about other people, someone who never judges, someone who is always kind and who will always try to see the good in all people, someone who forgives and moves on, someone who keeps an open mind and tries to broaden her horizon continuously, someone who will be able to say “no” politely and not feel guilty, because not everyone needs me to fix everything.

No grudges, no regrets just a lot of love!

It is a wonderful, marvelous journey to be on! I would never change a single thing, I have no regrets, yes, I have been knocked down, but I have learned valuable lessons that are now part of who I am, it is in adversity that we discover our true strengths and I would not be who I am today if I hadn’t been through all of this. I am, despite what I have been through or because of it, a better version of myself, a more reflecting, emphatic, awake and mature version of who I used to be. I have grown, I am still growing and it feels good. 

I have come to the conclusion that I will never get rid of my stress, it will always be there, warning me when I am “stretched too thinly”, when I have made too many plans, when I am trying to help too many people at one time, when I am not taking care of myself. Because if I don’t take care of myself, how am I supposed to be able to take care of my daughter and my dear old father?

And this is how I am fighting off my fibromyalgia, because in my case my stress and my fibromyalgia are intricately connected!

When I get stressed my muscles start to tense up and the result is aching pains and stiffness in every part of my body.

Sure, I changed my diet too. I stopped eating gluten/yeast, dairy products, eggs… I miss cheese!

I don’t drink much alcohol anyway, so one glass once in a blue moon is okay.

…coffee… yeah, that’s been my Achilles heel, but then I only drink 2 cups a day and since I have no aches anymore I feel rather lenient towards it.

I need to get at least 6 hours of sleep, preferably 7, but that’s not always possible when you have a daughter who has nightmares… If I get less than 6 hours, I feel stiff and I am more easily exhausted.

I need to exercise, but not too much because if I strain my muscles too much it’ll take me a couple of days to get back to normal again, i.e. break down the lactic acid.

My fibromyalgia is more about exhaustion; I can’t work or do as much as I used to do before I get dead tired. And that’s my biggest problem; I used to squeeze in so many things in one day, always complaining that the day didn’t have enough hours…. You see the connection?!

This is my biggest lesson, one I am still trying to get my head around: SLOW DOWN!! Breathe, everything will happen at the right time!

Let me finish this by saying that fibromyalgia manifests differently from person to person.

And therefore what I have done may not be the solutions for others.

But regardless if you have fibromyalgia or some other aliment, or none at all –  I would highly recommend you to re-evaluate your life, look at it thoroughly and think about what is of importance to you in your life?! Is it your house or the things that fill up your house? Is it your partner and/or your children? Is it your job?

What changes would you be willing to make in your life to make it not only your life, but perhaps even a better life?

Refusing to accept fact… or in this case fibromyalgia.

Almost a year ago on my 45th birthday I woke up in what felt like the body of a hundred year old woman; every muscle, every joint ached and it felt like I was walking at the bottom of a 5 meter deep swimming pool – every movement was made in slow motion and took forever. This lasted for a week. The doctors had no idea what was wrong except that I had had some kind of infection . . . My daughter had mono at this point, so I just assumed I had been infected with that.

Anyway, after a week it was gone, I still felt weaker not at all as strong as I used to be.

Then my mother died in November and mid January I had to singlehandedly arrange a Gala party at my school for 150 pupils – the following week I was sick and when I called my doctor he sent me on sick leave.  At this point I had already been “dealing” with stress for about 1.5 years… Which is to say I was not dealing at all, I was just living with stress – constantly.

In hind sight I am extremely grateful that my doctor apparently saw what I was unable to… that I was spent, exhausted to the point where I actually was broken; every muscle, every joint in my body ached, though not as much as my soul and my heart.

In March I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I was now on sick leave with stress and fibromyalgia…

It took me 4 months before I was able to sleep 6 hours at night, to be tired and able to sleep at 11 pm.

After 5 months I discovered that I could do things like paint my shed, go for bike rides without it felt like my muscles were on fire (!) and without having to sleep for hours.

In July I discovered that my muscles no longer were aching, that I could drive down through Europe and back – 13 days of driving, almost 2000 km and I felt AWESOME!!  No aches, no pains – just an amazing life!

My daughter and I went on a road trip: Germany, Switzerland, Tuscany, Austria and Germany. Best vacation ever! And I did it all on my own, because why not?! Because I believe that you are capable of doing what you want to do. The only limits are the limits within your mind.

So how did I do it? Stop the fibro-aches and pains?

Easy! You just change the way you think, the way you feel, the way you view the world, the way you behave, in short; you have to (be willing to) change your life completely. 😉

So far it has taken me 6-7 years to get where I am AND I am still not done! Because I did not set out to fight against Fibromyalgia I’ve only had that for a year perhaps?! No, I set out to change my life, to become a happier and better person – and I am still not done.

I could tell you that it is easy to change your settings, the way you think/act/react, but that would be a lie. It takes hard, constant and diligent effort.

The one thing I can tell you right now is; that every change you want in your life begins with you. Just you, no one else but you and if you’re not willing to change then nothing will ever change.

I can also tell you this one thing; It is amazing to change into a happier, better version of myrself. This journey has been awesome – incredibly hard, really hard, but worth it!


I will write more about what I have done to fight negativity, stress and not forgetting Fibromyalgia in my next submission. 🙂

May you find strength, joy and happiness along the road you travel.

Love, namaste and lots of blessings. ❤ ❤ ❤

On whose terms are you living your life?

Have you ever listed all of your competences? You should try it and rediscover yourself.

The last 8 months of my life have been quite an eye opener. They have been the hardest, most painful, but also the most giving. My mother passed away last November and even though we had known this would happen ever since she was diagnosed with ALS in 2010, it is the single most difficult event in my life. I felt and still feel half-orphaned.

So how can it possibly also be the most giving 8 months of my life?

Well, because of everything that has happened to me, because of all the emotions that I had to deal with and still am dealing with and all that it has taught me about me and how strong I am.

Because back in 2010 when my mother was diagnosed and my world fell apart, I realised that I only have THIS ONE LIFE, THIS ONE CHANCE to do what I want to.

My first decision was to be happy. And no, it is not as easy as it sounds, BUT if you find something positive in every (negative) thing/thought/opinion you encounter it gets easier over time and on days when I struggle to find anything positive… I fake it till I make it! It’s amazing what we can trick ourselves into feeling. We’re such good experts at making ourselves feel like crap most of the time, but we’re really crappy at making ourselves feel good. #FoodForThought

Having lost my mother, having to deal with a stressful job, taking care of my daughter (10) and my father (82)….

I hit the wall mid January.

I just couldn’t anymore. I had nothing left, absolutely nothing. I was an empty shell of myself, all the good intentions, all the dreams, hopes and plans for a better life were lost in the fogs of sorrow, stress and exhaustion.

I sent on sick leave by my doctor – with stress and fibromyalgia.

The first month I painted my staircase, the next two months I did nothing but watch Netflix… and take care of my daughter and my dad. I was in basic survival mode. (when I am stressed and I can’t take action to alleviate it I feel powerless (hate that!) – a frustration which just adds to my stress, and I release my stress hormones by doing manual labour, being creative… doing something with my hands/body; take the focus off the thoughts churning around inside my head).

Slowly my energy returned and I began to write again.

I even began writing on a new book and that’s given me such a boost of energy that I have picked up and dusted off my dreams for a better life – MY life.

And these last three weeks I have been attending a stress course and it has given me the last push I needed to resume the journey I have been on the last seven years: A journey to make MY LIFE MY CHOICE; a life that I can enjoy all aspects of.

On my stress course this Wednesday we were told to list our competences – also our CV, if we needed any special considerations in a work situation and our interests.


My CV is short – teacher + various jobs during college.

My special considerations …trust me not to follow an assignment, ‘cause I wrote down “positive” ideals, not actual considerations, but that’s how I swing: “Freedom”, “Flexibility”, the instructor forgot to write: “Self-determination”. I got one consideration though; I strongly dislike “Long Deadlines”.

My Interests: Writing, art, music, literature, ENJOYING LIFE (the instructor was just about to add “in my spare time”…but I stopped him and told him and the class that I want to enjoy ALL of my life, I want a ‘job’ that doesn’t feel like I am working but feels like I am living!), Family,  to travel/culture, to BREATHE.

My competences – and this is where I was and still am surprised, because who knew that I posses, that I am all this – I didn’t realise it until saw it written on the white board:

  • Smiling
  • Inspirational
  • Presentation/dissemination (teacher)
  • Translator
  • Communication/being clear in how and what I communicate
  • Being responsible about my subject knowledge.
  • Structure
  • Leadership
  • Authority
  • Being emphatic
  • An ability to “be” in and sometimes demand chaos
  • Keep the overview/see the bigger picture
  • Cooperation
  • Creative
  • Patience
  • Forthcoming (the instructors added this)
  • Proactive (instructors added this too)
  • Goal orientated (once again the instructors)
  • Passionate (and/or an idealist?)

When I saw all these competences on the white board and realised that’s part of who I am, my first thought was: “Why am I still teaching kids?” and the next thought was: “What’s holding me back from creating the life that I want?” …nothing! Nothing but the limitations that I have created in my mind.

First of all I am going to quit my job. …because returning to the workplace/work that gave me stress…- yeah, not going to happen! We have this saying in Danish “Gå aldrig tilbage til en fuser!”. Which means: ”Never go back to a dud!” 🙂 Yes, it was for an infomercial about not picking up un-exploded fireworks after New Year’s Eve, but it is still sound advice to use in all aspects of life.

Secondly I am resuming the journey I was on before I hit the wall, before life dragged me down, albeit an all together new “me”, but the goal is still the same: To create MY LIFE on MY TERMS.

Every change you want in your life begins with you!

What do you want most in life? And are you getting it? If not and you’re still hungry for it, then how will you get it? How can you change your life to get what you want in life?

I wish you all an excellent Saturday, may you find kindness and love along your path! ❤


Being grateful on a Sunday morning.

As I sit here under my skylight, enjoying the first cup of coffee on a July morning before I put my fingers to the keys and begin to write, I look out the skylight and watch the wind chase the clouds across the sky, making the trees nod as they pass by and I am grateful for having this  little house with this skylight, which enables me to watch the clouds as they roll by and from time to time glimpse the blue sky above.

I am grateful for having the time to sit on a Sunday morning, sipping a cup of coffee and contemplating life.

I am grateful for the coffee in my cup; that someone took the time to grow it organically.

I am grateful for my old laptop and that it still works, that I can write my stories on it.

I am grateful every morning I get to see my daugther wake up and learn something new, grow a little wiser and a little kinder.

I am grateful for my daughter; she changed my life and my world.

I am grateful that I still have my good health (despite having fibromyalgia, which I am winning over day by day, but that’s for another post).

I am grateful that my dad is still alive and I am grateful that I got to have my mother for 45 years.

I am grateful for all the tings my mother taught me, directly and indirectly; mostly to be kind and always offer your help.

I am grateful for the close friends that I have and our friendships; their support and knowing when to challenge me to grow.

I am grateful for my ability to read and write, for my vivid imagination and for my positive mindset.

and I am grateful for my lapse in ‘a sense of reality’ that enables me to chase after that dream of mine, but it’s “Better to try and fail than never to try at all” (F. O´Brien).

I am grateful for the life I have and I am excited about where I am going.

  • What are you grateful for?

What inspires you?

I am inspired by a multitude of things; music, art, literature, poetry, words, people, feelings, nature, a smile, a laughter, a look over his shoulder as he mistakenly leaves her standing bewildered in the sunset at the waterfront…

Today as I sat writing underneath my skylight I felt the wildest urge to listen to kent again. It’s been awhile I have to admit. I began listening to their music in 1999 and my admiration and respect has only grown throughout those 17 years.

I love the various layers in their music, how I can always discover something new and depending on my mood can find something to soothe my mind. I love the lyrics – how they reach out to the listener, trying to make us see and/or understand. How they, at the same time they seem to tell us how the world appears in the eye of the storyteller also seem to urge us to think for ourselves. As someone who has a profound love for language and words; the lyrics of Joakim Berg have always fascinated me – not in the “I-need-to-analyse-these-lyrics-to-better-understand-the-man-behind” kind of way, but as someone who is fascinated by the way he finds just the right words that seemingly embraces or even touches the feelings of their fans. An ability I wish I would be so lucky as to develop over time.

I have been writing since I was 13 years old and always felt this urge, this need to write, but for many years I never really acted upon it – besides writing adolescent “poetry”. But on the 23 of February 2008 I went to a kent concert and that particular one changed my life.  Even as I danced furthest back and right up under the roof of the venue I felt something shift, like an almost palpable presence and I’ve never been the same. I am quite aware that this sounds just a little bit crazy, and you’re probably thinking “Whoa! She’s totally off her rocker on that one!”…and that’s okay. You may think whatever you feel like, it makes no difference to me. 😉

I set out on a journey that night that I am still on, mostly taking baby steps, but once in awhile jumping over, what seemed like insurmountable obstacles from a distance but once close were nothing more but ant hills. I set out on a journey to become a positive and grateful human being, to spread love and light, and to carve out a life that I was happy with, creating my own path through my life; to live and not just exist. I aim to fill my life with happy moments, experiences and interesting, kind and nice people. I want to write to make people happy. I want to teach my daughter that dreams are there to be chased, we can not make mistake; only have lessons, life is an education and love is limitless. Time is of no consequence; I will get wherever I am going at the right time.

For the gift that this journey has been and still is I want to thank kent. Their music has been and still is an inspiration that I am eternally grateful for. Thank you.

I wish you all a day of presence and kindness.

Om du var här, kent. The first song I heard by kent.

Den sista sången, kent. – and their last song.

  • What inspires you?